Over 110 Chapel Hill community leaders, residents, and business owners have endorsed Jess for a second term. Read the list below, and scroll to the bottom for detailed testimonials. 

From elected officials & board members:


  • Daniel Costello - Former Member, Obey Creek Compass Committee
  • Susana Dancy - Chair, Community Design Commission; Former Member, Obey Creek Compass Committee
  • Jeff Hall - Former President, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools PTA
  • Thomas Henkel, PhD - Former Chair & Current Member, Environmental Stewardship Advisory Board
  • Rudy Juliano - Former Chair & Current Member, Transportation & Connectivity Advisory Board
  • Lisa Kaylie - Former President, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools PTA
  • Erin Schwie Langston - President, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools PTA
  • Susan Lyons - Member, Community Design Commission
  • Julie McClintock - Former Member, Chapel Hill Town Council; Member, Environmental Stewardship Advisory Board
  • Wesley McMahon - Chair, Parks, Greenways & Recreation Commission 
  • Will Raymond - Former Board Member, Orange County Water & Sewer Authority (OWASA)
  • Alan Rimer, PhD - Former Member, Chapel Hill Town Council; Founding Chair, Stormwater Advisory Board; Former Chair, OWASA
  • Margaret Samuels - Former Chair, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Board of Education
  • Pamela Schultz, PhD - Chair, Stormwater Management Utility Advisory Board
  • Martha Schutz - Member, Public Library Advisory Board
  • David Schwartz, PhD - Chair, Historic District Commission
  • Del Snow - Former Chair, Planning Board
  • Anjanet Thomas - Former Member, Town Manager Hiring Committee
  • Polly Van de Velde - Member, Community Design Commission; Former Member, Obey Creek Compass Committee
  • Art Werner - Former Mayor pro tem, Chapel Hill & Former Member, Chapel Hill Town Council
  • Bea Hughes Werner - Former Member, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Board of Education
  • Brian WittmayerFormer Environmental Stewardship Champion, Planning Commission; Former Chair, Sustainability Committee

From other individuals, families, & business owners across Chapel Hill:


  • David Adalsteinnson, PhD (Colonial Heights - Ironwoods)
  • Alexander Anderson, PhD (Estes Hills)
  • Tamika & Kwasi Asare (Colonial Heights - Ironwoods)
  • Julee Balko (Hogan Farms)
  • Anne Brashear (Eastside)
  • Charles Berlin, MD (Eastside)
  • Diane Bloom, PhD (Weaver Dairy)
  • Fred Black (Colonial Heights - North Haven at Ironwoods)
  • Kimberly Brewer & April Kemper (Mason Farm)
  • Linda K. Brown (Booker Creek - Summerfield)
  • Debra & James Buck (Dogwood Acres - Southern Village)
  • Alex Cabanes (53-2)
  • Edwin Caldwell (Northside)
  • Stacey Caldwell (Northside)
  • Huina Chen (Patterson - Northwoods)
  • Troy Clark, PhD (Coker Hills)
  • Betsy Conway (Booker Creek)
  • Jennifer Medearis Costello (Dogwood Acres - Southern Village)
  • John F. Curry, PhD (Coker Hills)
  • Linda Carol Davis (Battle Park)
  • Shelley deFosset (East Franklin)
  • Elizabeth & Sean DiLeonardi (Northside)
  • Murali Duvvuri (Damascus)
  • Mia Eaton (Eastside - Greenfield Place)
  • Debbie & Arthur Finn, MD (Weaver Dairy - Carol Woods)
  • Vivian Foushee, LCSW (Northside)
  • Aleta & Rich Gaertner (Colonial Heights - Ironwoods)
  • Robin Greenberg (Cedar Falls - Chandler's Green)
  • Joan Guilkey (Greenwood)
  • Barbara Hall (Eastside)
  • Abel Hastings (Larkspur - Friends of the Greene Tract)
  • Ann & Bruce Henschel (Ridgefield)
  • Pearl Highducheck (Colonial Heights)
  • Charles Humble, PhD (Ridgefield)
  • Jamil Kadoura (Owner, Mediterranean Deli & Catering)
  • David Kaylie, MD (Cedar Falls - Chandler's Green)
  • Barbara Keith (Estes Hills)
  • Lynn Knauff (Battle Park - Franklin Hills)
  • Fred Lampe (Coker Hills)
  • Ken Larsen (Ridgefield - Briarcliff)
  • Peter Lee, MD (Colonial Heights - Courtyards at Homestead)
  • Teddy Lovejoy (Estes Hills)
  • Pat Lowry (Battle Park)
  • Phill Lyons (Northside)
  • Adrienne Madry (53-2)
  • Sarah & Scott Madry, PhD (Kings Mill - Morgan Creek)
  • Molly McConnell (Glenwood - Glen Lennox)
  • Amanda McKee, DVM (Colonial Heights - Ironwoods)
  • Katie & Dustin Miller (North Williams)
  • Susan Morance (Coker Hills)
  • John N. Morris (Coker Hills)
  • Michael Murphy (Cedar Falls)
  • Chris & Carrie Parker (Estes Hills)
  • Phyllis Pomerantz, PhD (Weaver Dairy) 
  • John Quinterno (Weaver Dairy)
  • Scott Radway (Radway Design Associates, Legion Road)
  • Kerry Reed (East Franklin)
  • Richard Rigling (Colonial Heights - Ironwoods)
  • Linda Rimer, PhD (Dogwood Acres - Southern Village)
  • Sandy Roberts (Glenwood - Meadowmont)
  • Jim Rogalski (Dogwood Acres - Southern Village)
  • Virginia Saam (Colonial Heights - Ironwoods)
  • Marty Schweitzer & Jody Bisbee (Colonial Heights - Ironwoods)
  • Adam Searing, JD (Battle Park)
  • Karthik Shyam (Colonial Heights - Ironwoods)
  • Harriet Solomon (Weaver Dairy - N. Forest Hills)
  • Caroline Spencer (Lincoln)
  • Davis Stillson (38)
  • Kristie Thompson (Ridgefield - Briarcliff)
  • Clark Troy, PhD (Coker Hills)
  • Jane & Tracy Tsuetaki (Dogwood Acres - Southern Village)
  • Robert Vance, PhD & Terry Vance, PhD (Psychology Associates, Franklin Street)
  • Rosario Vila & Ivan Arrington (Colonial Heights - Ironwoods)
  • Diane & Robert Willis (Eastside)
  • Lynne & Andrew Young (Ridgefield)

In our community's words:


"Jess is a rare type of individual that truly listens to the needs of her community. She works tirelessly to bring groups together for common goals. Because of her willingness to listen and work across groups she rightfully garners a high level of trust within the community. Jess has been a strong advocate for finding common ground in our community and helping guide the community towards logical solutions. She is an unwavering voice for our all our citizens and the environment and deserves to be re-elected."

- Abel Hastings (Larkspur - Friends of the Greene Tract)

"Jess' attitude reflects the spirit of Chapel Hill: We are selfless, we are kind to the less fortunate, and we protect the vulnerable among us."

- Anjanet Thomas (Coker Hills)

"As a fellow parent, I trust Jess to be a strong and effective voice for me and my family on Council. She's committed not only to ensuring the safety and quality of our schools, but keeping Chapel Hill a family-friendly community as it grows."

- Daniel Costello (Dogwood Acres - Southern Village)

"Jess has been a smart, dedicated, and effective advocate for transparent, responsive governance and a tireless champion for the things that matter most to Chapel Hill residents, such as inclusion, environmental stewardship, and fiscal responsibility."

- David Schwartz, PhD (Ridgefield)

"Mayor pro tem Jess Anderson embodies all the qualities of a representative. She is accessible, she is principled, and she understands that decisions made have ripple effects. Jess is warm and tireless and steadfast in her opinions. Her urgency and priority to act on the environment, improve Town growth, and keep our Town diverse in every way underscores why Jess must be re-elected."

- Del Snow (Patterson)

"Jess is a good friend of the local Chinese community. She helped connect us with other communities in Chapel Hill to secure critical support for the inaugural LightUp festival. She has talked to our youth and taught them how to write petitions to make Chapel Hill a better town. Thanks Jess! I support you for another term!" 

- Huina Chen (Patterson - Northwoods)

"Jess' leadership, knowledge and track record reflect everything that is good about policy and politics. We enthusiastically support her candidacy." 

- Jeff & Barbara Hall (Eastside)

"Jess Anderson has been a wonderful addition to the Town Council. Her top-notch analytical skills enable her to grasp complex issues quickly and ask questions that cut right to the heart of a subject. Her strong leadership skills, meanwhile, allow her to identify feasible strategies and build widespread support for sound policies. That combination of skills is rare, impressive, and powerful."

- John Quinterno (Weaver Dairy)

"Jess is my kind of woman because she does the work. She has more than just ideas, she has the data and policy smarts to make things happen."

Lisa Kaylie (Cedar Falls)

"Jess is bright, personable and always accessible. She is a proactive problem solver. She listens to all sides of an issue, and sees things through to their conclusion."

- Michael Murphy (Cedar Falls)

"A bright spot in Chapel Hill Politics."

- Phyllis Pomerantz, PhD (Weaver Dairy)

"Jess contributes a strong understanding of public policy and how it can be used to achieve our community's strategic objectives. She pushes everyone on Council to do their best for Chapel Hill. We are lucky to have her serving our town."

- Susana Dancy (Dogwood Acres - Southern Village)

"Jess has been a terrific asset to our Town Council.  She is smart, savvy, and direct.  She calls it like she sees it... and yet she is graceful, warm, accessible, articulate, and non-abrasive..."

- Terry Vance, PhD (Psychology Associates, Franklin Street)


From organizations:


Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town (CHALT)

"Jessica Anderson has proven to be a highly effective advocate for policies that will help Chapel Hill remain a livable town and is skilled at building coalitions to make progress in addressing the challenges facing Chapel Hill. Her record of achievement includes initiating changes to the building code for the Blue Hill District in order to promote more attractive, human scale construction and a better balance between residential and commercial development. Her advocacy has also made town governance more transparent and accessible, such as by ensuring all Council meetings are recorded and live streamed."