Progress & Platform

In just four years, your vote for a more inclusive and collaborative approach to decision-making has resulted in progress on several key priorities for Chapel Hill's residents.

During the next four years, we can build on this proven track record of success, while ensuring Chapel Hill remains unique as it continues to grow.

Campaign theme Key Accomplishments
(1st term)
Re-election Priorities
Climate change
  • Launched program to replace trees lost due to aggressive tree-farming policies enacted by the State (including those at the corner of Estes Road and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard)
  • Approved several stormwater infrastructure improvement projects, including Perry Creek Drive, Booker Creek Road and Elliott Road
  • Committed to a sustainable Chapel Hill that proportionally upholds the promise made by the United States in the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions between 26 and 28 percent by 2025 from 2005 levels
  • Approved funding for planning stages of town-wide Climate Action Plan
  • Approve implementation funding for and complete town-wide Climate Action Plan
  • Improve stormwater retention & infrastructure by addressing findings of Lower Booker Creek Subwatershed Study, preserving greenspace in our downtown and identifying additional areas where developers must surpass existing stormwater requirements to prevent flooding
  • Conduct coal ash remediation at current site of Chapel Hill Police Station to ensure safety of employees and community and preserve land for future use once police station is relocated
  • Strengthen local tree ordinances to maintain and improve tree canopy
Traffic & transit
  • Advocated for and achieved better outcomes for Eubanks/I-40 street widening, minimizing neighbordhood disruption
  • Oversaw completion of mobility and connectivity plan
  • Oversaw use of bond funds for sidewalks and bike lanes
  • Funded electric bus purchases, with three new electric buses put into circulation
  • Plan for north-south bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor that includes a mix of housing, commercial, retail and office space, ensuring line provides value for all taxpayers while reducing traffic congestion
  • Ensure long-term sustainability of our free bus system and expand its service area
  • Purchase and implement software that analyzes impacts on development to town-wide traffic
  • Support local and regional transit solutions that prioritize reliable, frequent, fast and equitable plans
Place-making & downtown vibrancy
  • Authored petition that successfully reformed development guidelines in the Blue Hill District (formerly Ephesus-Fordham) to require non-residential development and building size to be addressed
  • Voted FOR purchase of 36.2 acre American Legion Property
  • Successfully advocated for addition of urban designer to town's budget
  • Championed LightUp, Near & Far and other downtown festivals & events
  • Ensure urban designer is properly deployed during future development processes to ensure human scale buildings, environmentally-friendly design, walkability, gathering spaces and preservation of our tree canopy
  • Add parking options and rehabilitate parking garages to make downtown more accessible
  • Affordability
    • Moved toward alleviating residential tax burden by approving incentive agreements for Wegman's, Glen Lennox office building.
    • Voted FOR $10 million dollar affordable housing bond to appear as 2018 ballot initiative (initiative passed)
    • Consistently supported programs to help low-income residents with home repairs so they could stay in their homes
    • Approved preservation and development of 394 affordable housing units over four years, including housing developments at Greenfield Commons and Greenfield Place
    • Insisted that every new housing project includes affordable units, with priority on lower-income housing
    • Maximize number of units obtained from affordable housing bond, ensuring responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars
    • Continue to rebalance tax base through addition of commercial and office space
    • Continue to advocate for additional mixed-income housing development projects such as those at 2200 Homestead Road to minimize segregation within our town
    • Work with UNC, Chamber of Commerce and developer community to create affordable options for start-ups to remain in town
    • Work on strategies to enable duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and other neighborhood-friendly, affordable options
    • Worked with town manager to include allowances for child care and transportation for advisory board and committee members in town budget, reducing potential barriers to civic engagement
    • Voted consistently FOR interests of our historic, African-American Northside and Rogers Road Neighborhoods, following 100% of recommendations from reports and petitions involving these neighborhoods (was only member of Amity Station subcommittee to support Northside Neighbors' wishes)
    • Advocated for removal of Silent Sam Confederate monument from UNC campus
    • Helped launch Food for the Summer program for food insecure children in Chapel Hill & Carrboro
  • Continue emphasis on community policing and applying arrest data to inform equity in law enforcement
  • Continue advocacy on behalf of Rogers Road neighbors during Green Tract discussions
  • Continue advocacy on behalf of Northside neighbors during Amity Station Development Agreement discussions
  • Ensuring that plans to redevelop mobile home parks include re-housing current residents within Chapel Hill
  • Transparency
    • Successfully petitioned town to ensure all town-related meetings are recorded and live streamed on Web
    • Successfully petitioned town to ensure minutes are completed prior to future council meetings
  • Oversaw launch of new affordable housing website with dashboards that public can use to track progress
  • Continue work to ensure streaming of public conversations that take place outside council chambers, including work sessions and economic sustainability meetings
  • Continue to inform all stakeholders about upcoming meetings and initiatives
  • Continue to work with town staff to hold meetings at a variety of times to improve community participation
  • Safety
    • Continue to explore creative ways to partner with stakeholders to ensure public safety departments have 21st century resources and equipment
    • Continue to support police department in retaining and recruiting a high-quality workforce